Frequently Asked Questions

You will need:

  1. Fully completed application
  2. $450 money order/check made payable to KDOT
    • If you have more than one person who was lost during this crash and you want both of them remembered, an additional $25 fee and application will need to be sent in
  3. Crash report from your loved one's crash
The cost of the marker includes the “Lost to DUI” sign as well as the marker, the post, installation of the marker, as well as 50% of the 10-year maintenance fee.
You can obtain a crash report by requesting it through the reporting agency (police, sheriff’s office, etc.) or by going here: Kansas Highway Patrol
The application shall be filled out within one year of the crash. Crashes from January 1, 2011 through July 1, 2016 are exempt from the one year timeframe. This grandfathered time frame will expire on December 31, 2018. After this time frame, all crashes between January 1, 2011 and July 1, 2016 will be ineligible for a marker.
Immediate family members of the victim(s) may request a memorial marker. Immediate family members include: father, mother, child, siblings, grandparent, grandchildren or spouse.
In the event that a marker is placed and an immediate family member disagrees with the placement of the marker, the marker will be removed. If an application for a marker has been filed and the marker has not yet been placed and an immediate family member requests that the application be denied, the application will be denied and no marker will be placed.
KDOT can only put markers along highways that are under the secretary’s jurisdiction, this excludes county roads, city roads and city connecting links. KDOT will make every effort to place the marker closest to the crash location. If KDOT cannot place the marker at the exact crash location due to the crash being in the median, safety concerns, restricted space along the highway, or other constraints. Memorial markers will be installed on the right hand side of the highway which will be determined based off of the victim’s vehicle direction of travel at the time of the crash.
A City Connecting Link is defined as any routing of the State Highway System that is located within the corporate limits of a City.
No. Unfortunately, the statute only allows KDOT to place the memorial markers on KDOT owned/maintained highways; this specifically excludes county roads or city roads

Please refer to the following:

  • Denied due to incomplete application
    • Resubmit your application with the required documents listed in the letter
  • Denied due to crash being on a city-connected link
    • Unfortunately, KDOT cannot place memorial markers on city connected links, therefore your loved one would not be able to have a memorial marker placed in that location
  • Denied due to a violation of the law
    • If the crash report reflects that the victim of the crash, or the driver of the vehicle the victim was in at the time of the crash, was in violation of any law, then your loved one will be exempt to receiving a memorial marker.

The following routes which are limited and not inclusive, are ineligible for installation of memorial markers due to the potential of causing a distraction in congested areas:

  • I-70 : within any city limits
  • I-35 from 151st Street in Johnson County to the KS/MO State Line
  • I-135 from the 53rd Street interchange in Sedgwick County South to the KTA
  • I-435 from 95th Street in Johnson County to the South KS/MO State Line
  • I-635 in its entirety
  • US-54 from 263rd in Sedgwick County East to the Sedgwick/Butler County Line.
  • US-69 from 167th  Street to the KS/MO State Line
No. Installation of a marker does not allow any person to violate a rule of the road or to otherwise affect the motoring public to view or visit the marker. There shall not be any embellishments attached to, or in the vicinity of, the marker or the marker will be removed.
KDOT has the authority to remove the marker and any further application for the victim will be denied. Removed embellishments and the memory marker will be kept for a period of two weeks to allow for the owner to retrieve them by contacting the local KDOT Area office. If the items are not claimed within two weeks, they will be disposed of.
If the marker in serviceable condition is stolen, vandalized, or otherwise badly damaged, it will be replaced one time at KDOT’s expense. After a marker has been removed due to weathering, the original applicant may renew the installation by following the renewal requirements.
KDOT has the right to temporarily remove and store the marker(s), to avoid damage, due to adjacent maintenance or construction projects. Upon completion of the project the marker(s) will be reinstalled. If roadway conditions change and the sign is no longer able to remain, the requesting family will be notified and the marker(s) will be removed and given to the requesting family member if they can be located. Otherwise, the marker will be disposed of after the 90-day grace period.
The immediate family member who applies for the original marker is responsible for notifying KDOT of any contact information change.
Within 6 months of the close of the 10-year period, the requesting family member will be contacted and offered a renewal application. If no renewal application is received, and the fee is left unpaid for 90 days after the 10-year period ends, the marker will be removed and given to the requesting family member if they can be located. Otherwise, the marker will be disposed of after the 90-day grace period.
The family member who requested the marker be installed can ask to have it removed and turned over to them at any time.