Closing DateRequisitionWorking TitleLocation
Open Until Filled192957Construction Engineer (EA III)Independence
Open Until Filled193222Road Squad Leader (PCE I)Topeka - Bureau of Road Design
Open Until Filled192614Equipment OperatorShawnee
Open Until Filled193386Engineering Associate IAtwood
Open Until Filled192626Equipment OperatorGage
Open Until Filled192691Engineering Technician SeriesOlathe
Open Until Filled192629Equipment OperatorManhattan
Open Until Filled192692Engineering Technician SeriesLamar
Open Until Filled192898Engineering Associate IPratt
Open Until Filled192634Equipment OperatorOsage City SA
12/22/2019193002Equipment Operator SeriesHutchinson Subarea
12/22/2019193013Equipment Operator SeriesWichita North
Open Until Filled192881Equipment Operator SeriesStrong City
Open Until Filled192880Equipment Operator SeriesMcPherson
Open Until Filled192812Signing Engineer (PCE I)Topeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
12/22/2019192963Equipment Operator SeriesNewton
Open Until Filled192662Equipment OperatorOlathe Area Crew
Open Until Filled192663Equipment OperatorLawrence SA
Open Until Filled192809Equipment Operator SeriesKingman
Open Until Filled192956Engineering Associate IGarnett
Open Until Filled192901Equipment Mechanic SpecialistUlysses
Open Until Filled192665Equipment OperatorOverland Park SA
12/22/2019192942Equipment Operator SeriesNewton
Open Until Filled193611Applications Developer IIIESOB Topeka, KS
Open Until Filled192694Engineering Technician SeriesBonner Springs Construction
Open Until Filled192699Equipment OperatorEmporia SA
Open Until Filled193509Applications Developer IIIESOB - Topeka, KS
Open Until Filled192789Equipment Operator SeriesKingman
Open Until Filled192745Equipment Operator Series Bucklin
Open Until Filled192922Engineering TechnicianShawnee, Kansas
Open Until Filled192696Engineering Technician SeriesTopeka District Materials Lab
Open Until Filled193208Construction Engineer (EA III)Liberal Construction Office
Open Until Filled192697Engineering Technician SeriesGage Construction
Open Until Filled192781Equipment Operator SeriesKingman
12/22/2019192987Equipment Operator SeriesNewton
Open Until Filled192806Equipment Operator SeriesOttawa
Open Until Filled192936Equipment Operator SeriesGreensburg
12/22/2019193004Equipment Operator SeriesHutchinson Subarea
Open Until Filled192876Equipment OperatorLeavenworth SA
Open Until Filled192767Equipment Operator SeriesEureka
Open Until Filled193006Equipment Operator SeriesAnthony
Open Until Filled192813Equipment Operator SeriesColdwater
12/22/2019193001Equipment Operator SeriesNewton
Open Until Filled192951Equipment Body MechanicDistrict Shop - Topeka
Open Until Filled192830ITS Operations & Maintenance Engineer/ManagerTopeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
Open Until Filled192953Land Surveyor IChanute
Open Until Filled192829Equipment Operator Series Tribune
12/22/2019192911Equipment Operator SeriesWichita East
Open Until Filled192958Equipment OperatorEdwardsville SA
Open Until Filled193112Engineering Associate ITopeka - Structures and Geotech
Open Until Filled193107Engineering Associate ITopeka-Bureau of Road Design
Open Until Filled193479Equipment Operator SeriesWashington
Open Until Filled193481Equipment Operator SeriesLindsborg
Open Until Filled193389Engineering Associate ITopeka - Road Design
Open Until Filled193404Equipment Operator SeriesKinsley
Open Until Filled193403Equipment Operator SeriesGreensburg
Open Until Filled193415Construction Engineer (EA III)Emporia Construction
Open Until Filled193693Equipment Operator SeriesBelleville
Open Until Filled193871Equipment Operator SeriesGreensburg
Open Until Filled193908Engineering AssociateLawrence - Road Design
Open Until Filled194050Land Surveyor IGarden City Construction
Open Until Filled194200Engineering Technician SeriesGarden City Materials Lab
Open Until Filled193257Equipment Operator SeriesJetmore Sub-Area
12/18/2019193256Engineering Technician SeriesHutchinson Construction
Open Until Filled194121Equipment Operator SeriesSublette
Open Until Filled194157Equipment Operator SeriesGarnett
Open Until Filled194419Sr. Traffic Engineering (PCE I)Topeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
Open Until Filled194405Equipment Operator SeriesLincoln
Open Until Filled194477Equipment Operator SeriesGarden City Bridge Crew
Open Until Filled194509Engineering Associate SeriesTopeka - Bureau of Road Design
Open Until Filled194657Engineering Technician SeriesBelleville
Open Until Filled194658Engineering Technician SeriesJunction City
Open Until Filled194660Engineering Technician SeriesMarion
Open Until Filled193525Equipment Operator SeriesScott City
Open Until Filled193542Equipment Operator SeriesJetmore
12/22/2019193667Equipment Operator SeriesWichita Area Crew
Open Until Filled193665Equipment Operator SeriesKinsley
Open Until Filled194656Engineering Technician SeriesSalina Construction
Open Until Filled194813Highway Maintenance Supervisor District 6 Paint Crew
Open Until Filled194661Equipment Operator SeriesDistrict Paint Crew
Open Until Filled194747Equipment Operator SeriesBeloit Subarea
Open Until Filled194748Equipment Operator SeriesMarion Subarea
Open Until Filled194749Equipment Operator SeriesMarion Area Crew
Open Until Filled194750Equipment Operator SeriesEllsworth Subarea
Open Until Filled194825Equipment Operator SeriesTribune
Open Until Filled194792Equipment Mechanic SeriesMankato Shop
Open Until Filled194751Equipment Operator SeriesDistrict Specials Crew
Open Until Filled194801Engineering Associate SeriesTopeka - Road Design
Open Until Filled194850Equipment Operator SeriesBucklin
Open Until Filled194929Equipment Operator SeriesCouncil Grove
Open Until Filled194928Equipment Operator SeriesSalina Subarea
Open Until Filled194889Equipment Operator SeriesChanute
Open Until Filled194894 Equipment Operator SeriesErie
Open Until Filled195027Engineering Technician SeriesWamego Construction
12/22/2019195195Equipment Operator SeriesWichita West
12/18/2019195482Equipment Operator Series District Bridge Crew
12/11/2019195426Highway Maintenance Superintendent*Statewide
12/11/2019195448Concrete Research Engineer (EA 1)Bureau of Research
Open Until Filled195046Engineering Technician SeriesEl Dorado - Structures & Geotech Svcs
Open Until Filled195047Equipment Mechanic SeriesChanute
Open Until Filled195093 Engineering Technician Series Garnett
Open Until Filled195261Applications Developer IIITopeka, Shawnee
12/11/2019195449Construction Engineer (EA III)Bonner Springs Construction
Open Until Filled193249Engineering Associate IGreat Bend
Open Until Filled192612Equipment OperatorOakland
Open Until Filled193241Traffic Engineer Assoc (EA I)Topeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
Open Until Filled192903Engineering Associate IOakley
Open Until Filled193038Traffic Control Engineering Assoc (EA I)Topeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
Open Until Filled192616Equipment OperatorLamar KC
Open Until Filled192617Equipment OperatorGardner
Open Until Filled193234Engineering Associate IRoad Design - Topeka
Open Until Filled192622Equipment OperatorWamego
Open Until Filled193225Area Engineer (PCE II)Ulysses Office
Open Until Filled192856Traffic Control Engineer (PCE I)Topeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
Open Until Filled193294Applications Developer IIITopeka, KS
Open Until Filled192807Traffic Engineer Assoc (EA I)Topeka - Transportation Safety & Tech
Open Until Filled193513Facilities SpecialistTopeka
Open Until Filled193755Engineering Technician SeriesDodge City Construction Office
Open Until Filled193747Engineering Technician SeriesOakley
Open Until Filled193797Area Engineer (PCE II)*Statewide
Open Until Filled193979Equipment Operator SeriesSyracuse
Open Until Filled193915Equipment Mechanic SpecialistSyracuse
Open Until Filled194001Professional Civil Engineer ITopeka - Bureau of Structures & Geotech.
Open Until Filled193963Equipment OperatorEskridge SA
Open Until Filled193995Equipment Operator SeriesMedicine Lodge
12/22/2019194003Equipment Operator SeriesEl Dorado Subarea
Open Until Filled194063Equipment Mechanic SeriesDistrict Shop - Salina
Open Until Filled194279Equipment Mechanic SeriesEl Dorado Shop
Open Until Filled194402Equipment Operator SeriesMinneapolis
Open Until Filled194337Equipment Operator SeriesLouisburg
Open Until Filled194421Engineering Technician SeriesAtwood
Open Until Filled194540Engineering Associate SeriesLawrence - Road Design
Open Until Filled194583Engineering Technician SeriesLiberal Construction
12/22/2019194626Equipment Operator SeriesLyons
Open Until Filled194665Equipment OperatorKansas City - Speaker Rd SA
12/8/2019194679Administrative AssistantSalina District - Stockroom
Open Until Filled194640Engineering Technician SeriesGarnett
Open Until Filled194812Access Management Permit Coordinator (ET)Topeka, KS
Open Until Filled194745Equipment Operator SeriesClay Center Subarea
Open Until Filled194746Equipment Operator SeriesAbilene Subarea
Open Until Filled194744 Equipment Operator SeriesAltamont
12/11/2019195438Administrative AssistantWinfield
12/10/2019195419Estimating Engineer (PCE I)Topeka, KS
12/17/2019195456ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN SERIESGreat Bend Construction
12/17/2019195457EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SERIESWellington