Closing DateRequisitionWorking TitleLocation
Open Until Filled186744Construction Engineer (EA III)Independence
Open Until Filled187872Road Squad Leader (PCE I)Topeka - Bureau of Road Design
12/28/2018187878 Equipment Operator Series (EO Trainee/EO, EO SR Independence
Open Until Filled187901Equipment Operator SeriesShawnee
Open Until Filled188084Engineering Associate IRoad Design - Topeka
Open Until Filled188311Engineering Technician SpecialistWichita, KS
Open Until Filled188490Engineering Associate IATWOOD
Open Until Filled188618Equipment Operator SeriesGage
Open Until Filled188963Area Engineer (PCE II)Horton
Open Until Filled188975Engineering Technician SeriesSalina Construction
Open Until Filled189100Engineering Technician SeriesDodge City Construction
Open Until Filled189222Engineering Technician SeriesOlathe
Open Until Filled189226Equipment Operator SeriesEskridge
Open Until Filled189229Equipment Operator SeriesManhattan
Open Until Filled189267Engineering Technician SeriesLamar
Open Until Filled189233Equipment Operator SeriesLouisburg
Open Until Filled189414Area Engineer (PCE II)Oakley
Open Until Filled189580Engineering AssociateTopeka
Open Until Filled189630Engineering Associate IPratt
Open Until Filled189640Equipment Operator SeriesAlma
Open Until Filled189613Equipment Operator SeriesTribune Sub Area
Open Until Filled189622Equipment Operator SeriesMeade Sub Area
Open Until Filled189692Engineering Technician SeriesHays Construction Office
Open Until Filled189735Equipment Operator SeriesBlaine
Open Until Filled189888Equipment Operator SeriesSalina Paint Crew
Open Until Filled189621Equipment Operator SeriesWellington
Open Until Filled189615Equipment Mechanic SeriesGarnett
12/28/2018189878Equipment Operator SeriesWichita North
Open Until Filled189879Equipment Operator SeriesNewton
12/28/2018189877Equipment Operator SeriesWichita East
Open Until Filled189943Equipment Operator SeriesUlysses Sub-Area
Open Until Filled189732Equipment Operator SeriesLeavenworth
Open Until Filled190180Engineering Technician SeriesBelleville
Open Until Filled190183Equipment Operator SeriesSalina Specials Crew
Open Until Filled190157Equipment Operator SeriesEdwardsville
Open Until Filled190440Equipment Operator SeriesOsage City SA
Open Until Filled190432Equipment Operator SeriesLouisburg
12/28/2019190066Equipment Operator SeriesWichita West
12/27/2018190504Equipment Operator SeriesHutchinson Subarea
Open Until Filled190575Equipment Operator SeriesStrong City
Open Until Filled190576Equipment Operator SeriesMcPherson
Open Until Filled190517Professional Civil Engineer ITopeka
Open Until Filled189889Equipment Operator SeriesLindsborg
Open Until Filled189886Equipment Operator SeriesWashington
Open Until Filled190360Equipment Operator Series Garnett
Open Until Filled190362Equipment Operator SeriesNewton
Open Until Filled190587Equipment Operator SeriesTroy SA
Open Until Filled190588Equipment Operator SeriesOlathe Area Crew
Open Until Filled190589Equipment Operator SeriesLawrence SA
12/20/2018190927Equipment Operator SeriesKingman
Open Until Filled190673Equipment Operator SeriesIola
Open Until Filled190889Equipment Operator SeriesMound City
Open Until Filled190980Engineering Associate IGarnett
Open Until Filled191054 Equipment Operator SeriesYates Center
Open Until Filled191095Equipment Operator SeriesNorton
Open Until Filled191070Equipment Operator SeriesGoodland
12/17/2018191243Equipment Operator SeriesDistrict Special Crew
12/18/2018191249Equipment Operator SeriesEl Dorado Subarea
Open Until Filled190735Equipment Mechanic Series Hutchinson
Open Until Filled190827Equipment Operator Series Erie
Open Until Filled191263Land Surveyor IHutchinson
Open Until Filled191315Equipment Operator Series Garden City Sub-Area
Open Until Filled191362Planner IITopeka, KS
Open Until Filled191405Equipment Operator SeriesLouisburg
1/3/2019191578Public Service Executive IITopeka
12/17/2018191482Applications Developer IITopeka, KS
12/17/2018191483Applications Developer IIIESOB Topeka, KS
12/17/2018191484Applications Developer IIIESOB Topeka, KS
1/3/2019191579Public Service Executive II Topeka, Kansas
Open Until Filled190734Engineering Technician SeriesBonner Springs Construction
12/18/2018191503Equipment Operator SeriesGarnett
12/25/2018191545Highway Maintenance SupervisorGarden City Bridge Crew
12/17/2018191517Equipment Operator Series Liberal
12/21/2018191519Equipment Operator SpecialistLeavenworth SA
12/21/2018191521Equipment Mechanic SeriesEllsworth Shop
12/22/2018191565Equipment Operator Series Garden City Bridge Crew
12/24/2018191580Equipment Operator Series Ulysses
1/4/2019191582Equipment Operator SpecialistPittsburg
Open Until Filled191178Equipment Operator SeriesAtwood
Open Until Filled185789Engineering Associate IGreat Bend
Open Until Filled187173Equipment Operator SeriesColdwater
Open Until Filled187301Equipment Operator SeriesOakland
Open Until Filled187423Engineering Associate ITopeka, Kansas
Open Until Filled188088Engineering Associate IRoad Design - Topeka
Open Until Filled188202Equipment Operator SpecialistGarden City Sub Area
Open Until Filled190802Equipment Operator Series Junction City
12/17/2018190819Equipment Operator SeriesDistrict Special Crew
Open Until Filled190767Equipment Operator SeriesYates Center
Open Until Filled190804Equipment Operator SeriesConcordia
Open Until Filled190828Equipment Operator SeriesColby
Open Until Filled190929Engineering Associate IOakley
Open Until Filled190824Engineering Technician SeriesHays
Open Until Filled191003Facilities SpecialistHutchinson
1/2/2019191391ROW Relocation/Acquisition AgentBureau of Right of Way - Topeka
12/16/2018191393Assistant Bureau ChiefBureau of Personnel Services
12/18/2018191361Equipment Operator SeriesMedicine Lodge
12/25/2018191544Safety SpecialistTopeka, KS
12/25/2018191546Safety SpecialistHutchinson, KS
Open Until Filled188196Equipment Operator SeriesLamar KC
Open Until Filled188201Equipment Operator SeriesGardner
Open Until Filled188242Engineering Associate IRoad Design - Topeka
Open Until Filled188207Equipment Operator SeriesWamego
Open Until Filled188574Area Engineer (PCE II)Ulysses Office
Open Until Filled190952Equipment Operator Series Lakin
Open Until Filled191056Equipment Operator SeriesEureka
1/1/2019191147Equipment Operator SeriesMedicine Lodge
Open Until Filled191168Equipment Operator SeriesColdwater
Open Until Filled191173Equipment Operator SeriesOttawa
12/17/2018191490 Equipment Operator SpecialistOttawa
12/17/2018191486 Engineering Technician SeriesGarnett
12/15/2018191466 Equipment Operator SeriesSedan
12/17/2018191481Applications Developer IIITopeka, KS
12/21/2018191525Engineering AssociateTopeka, KS
Open Until Filled191518Equipment Operator Series Belleville
12/22/2018191552Engineering Technician Series Syracuse