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Kansas Department of Transportation
Dwight D. Eisenhower State Office Building
700 S.W. Harrison Street
Topeka, KS   66603-3745

Voice - (785) 296-3566
Fax - (785) 368-7415
Hearing Impaired - 711

Kansas Department Of Revenue
Handles Driver's License Issues.

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State of Kansas Phone Directory

Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program
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Office or Bureau Contact Phone
General Phone Numbers
For assistance on Kansas highways, please contact the Kansas Highway Patrol.
For assistance on the Kansas Turnpike, please contact the Turnpike Authority.
Road Condition Information - Recorded messages about weather-related road conditions and road work on Kansas highways. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Kansas Road Conditions on the Web 511
Secretary of Transportation and Staff
Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz (785) 296-3461
Deputy Secretary and State Transportation Engineer Burt Morey (785) 296-3285
Deputy Secretary Lindsey Douglas (785) 296-2669
Deputy Secretary Maggie Doll (785) 296-2669
Office of Chief Counsel Gelene Savage (785) 296-3831
Division of Aviation
Director of Aviation Bob Brock (785) 296-2553
Division of Engineering and Design
Director of Engineering and Design Calvin Reed (785) 296-2270
Bureau of Road Design Scott King
(785) 296-3901
Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services Bob Henthorne (785) 296-3531
Bureau of Local Projects Mike Stringer (785) 296-3861

Bureau of Right of Way

Toll-free number only for property appraisal and purchase, billboard, salvage yard, and property management inquiries. 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed holidays.

Bill Haverkamp

(785) 296-3501


Division of Fiscal and Asset Management
Director of Fiscal and Asset Management Ben Cleeves  (785) 296-2669
Office of Finance and Budget Vacant (785) 296-2669
Bureau of Fiscal Services Pam Anderson (785) 296-3545
Division of Project Delivery
Director of Project Delivery Greg Schieber (785) 296-2235
Director of Safety Troy Whitworth (785) 296-2235
Bureau of Construction & Materials Tony Menke (785) 296-3576
Bureau of Maintenance Jaci Vogel (785) 296-3233
Bureau of Research Dan Wadley (785) 296-7410
Division of Field Operations
Director of Field Operations Clay Adams (785) 296-2235
District 1 (Northeast Kansas) District Engineer
Public Affairs Manager
KC Public Affairs Manager
Topeka/NE Kansas Public Affairs Manager
Leroy Koehn
Kelly Kultala
Delaney Tholen
Kate Craft
(785) 296-3881
(913) 942-3100
(913) 817-9365
(913) 817-9366
District 2 (North Central Kansas) District Engineer
Public Affairs Manager
Randy West
Ashley Perez
(785) 823-3754
District 3 (Northwest Kansas) District Engineer
Public Affairs Manager
Jeff Stewart
Lisa Mussman
(785) 877-3315
District 4 (Southeast Kansas) District Engineer
Public Affairs Manager
Wayne Gudmonson
Priscilla Petersen
(620) 902-6400
District 5 (South Central Kansas) District Engineer
Public Affairs Manager
Wichita Metro Public Affairs Manager
Public Affairs Specialist
Brent Terstriep
Tim Potter
Tom Hein
Tracy Crockett
(620) 663-3361
(620) 663-3361
(316) 744-1271
(316) 744-1271
District 6 (Southwest Kansas) District Engineer
Public Affairs Manager
Ron Hall
Lisa Knoll
(620) 765-7074
Division of Administration
Director of Administration Allison Sedore (785) 296-3134
Bureau of Information Technology Services Jeff Neal (785) 296-0310
Bureau of Human Resources Allison Sedore (785) 296-3134
Division of Planning and Development
Director of Planning and Development Chris Herrick (785) 296-2252
Bureau of Traffic Engineering Brian Gower (785) 296-7431
Bureau of Transportation Safety Vanessa Spartan (785) 296-2252
Bureau of ITS Shari Hilliard (785) 296-6356
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Bureau of Transportation Planning Michael Moriarty (785) 296-3841
Division of Program and Project Management
Director of Program and Project Management Mark Taylor (785) 296-3526
Division of Policy
Director of Policy Joel Skelley (785) 296-3585
Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs Emma Cornish  (785) 296-3585
Division of Communications/Public Affairs
Director of Communications/Public Affairs Steve Hale (785) 296-3585
Division of Innovative Technologies
Director of Innovative Technologies Mike Floberg (785) 296-7431